Lennon in Lima


From the hotel window we could see a statue in the distance. Clearly holding a guitar. Definitely rock and roll. Bob told me it was John Lennon. Yeah right. No really he said.

This morning we walked over to check it out. Indeed it is John Lennon. Put in this little park in the San Miguel district of Lima, Peru  thanks to the Mayor at the time (2007) who was an unabashed fan.

As we got close enough to recognise the hair and the famous round glasses, I was impressed with Bob’s incredible knowledge of Peru.

Then he said “Well f*** me. It IS John Lennon!”

Sometimes the unimaginable is real.


About Lynn Haanen

I think I am a long way from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Traveling Europe with my partner Bob in a motorhome we call Maisie as a way to figure out where we want to settle down next.
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5 Responses to Lennon in Lima

  1. Sharon Cook says:

    My god, you are in peru. Does this mean you’re waiting for he house to shake loose? Or you needed warmer weather?

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    • Lynn Haanen says:

      Both. The house purchase is still in process but the latest news is good. And we are escaping the cold. I couldn’t face walking through snow in the morning to go to the shower!

  2. MARY IBBETT says:

    Here he is again a park in Havana. People could sit and chat to him.


    Lovely to hear from you two. A bit chillier here, now, and foggy too. Otherwise happy. Except that our prat of a neighbour is being sticky and prattish over our building plans.


  3. Laureen says:

    So there you are in lovely Lima! Great to hear from you, and to know that rock and roll still rules the world. Love to you both, Laureenx


  4. Victor says:

    Well Lynn, you have answered my unspoken query about where to send the Christmas card! Though I don’t see a letter box on the plinth. Congratulations to you and Bob on getting off that Stroud hill top and do hope you both have a great Christmas, and let me know where you have it afterwards! love Victor

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